The price of bitcoin is likely to fall further

After a stellar week last week when the price of bitcoin came close to breaking $14,000, the weekend brought only price drops to the cryptocurrency markets. BTC is down 8.3 percent today, Ethereum (ETH) is down 5 percent, XRP is down 3.5 percent and Litecoin (LTC) is down 10.5 percent.

The IMF is cautious about cryptocurrencies

A report from the International Money Foundation highlights the fact that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies could actually impact global cybersecurity. They are worried about the rapid growth of assets in the form of cryptocurrency, which could affect the global financial system. Currently, US and UK lawyers are pressuring their governments to create a more specific and clear framework regarding the regulation of cryptocurrencies.

IBM launches World Wire payment system

The American company IBM is preparing to launch a new payment system based on blockchain technology using the Stellar cryptocurrency. The purpose of the system is to make instant cross-border transactions with a commission lower than existing analogues.

US Presidential Candidate Accepts Bitcoin Donations

Andrew Yang, Democratic Representative for the 2020 presidential election, is accepting donations for his campaign in the form of cryptocurrency. You can support Yang with both Bitcoin and Ethereum. Potential donors must provide their personal details and follow the specially crafted instructions to make a payment to Yang.

IBM will integrate Blockchain in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh, the main financial center of Saudi Arabia, has entered into a deal with IBM Company, according to which public services and operations will be based on blockchain technology. Elm, which provides technology services to the municipality, will be the first to partner with IBM to draw up a plan to integrate public operations and commercial services for residents of the country on the blockchain.